Doctor & Health Informatician

Dr Timothy Fazio


Tim is a registered medical practitioner and certified health informatician, currently employed in a dual clinical and informatics role at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Tim has many years' experience in the public health system, working in a variety of metropolitan and rural health services, as well as community mental health. He has worked as senior medical registrar, cardiology registrar, and infectious diseases registrar as part of specialty training in general medicine. He is currently employed as the fellow to the metabolic diseases unit.

Alongside his clinical role, Tim has utilised IT to streamline hospital processes, improve patient safety, reduce hospital costs and improve doctor satisfaction. Tim has developed iPhone/iPad applications which have been featured by Apple and in mainstream media, been involved in an eHealth start-up, and served on a variety of community and professional boards.

Tim is excited about clinical care, and improving the practical eHealth solutions, advocating for eHealth innovation to hospital and governments, expanding the eHealth research field and contributing to ongoing eHealth education.


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